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Tips On Improving Your YouTube Marketing

Every internet marketer knows too well that YouTube is an important part of his/her marketing mix. According to statistics, around four billion hours are spent on YouTube every month. In 2011 alone, YouTube had over a trillion views, which makes it the world’s largest video networking site. Not different from many other social platforms, YouTube has witnessed a rampant increase in the number of viewers using mobile gadgets. During the year 2001, the number of mobile views on this platform tripled. YouTube offers a significant audience that can also be destructive to a company’s image and brand if the marketing approach is rushed. If you are keen on improving your YouTube marketing, you will definitely find the tips below very useful.

 Always Create Videos That Are Compelling

This is rule number one for anyone who wants to improve on YouTube marketing. It is not necessary to create viral videos to get attention. Compelling videos will definitely give a marketer the right needed attention. Just like it is important to create a blog post that is captivating if you are a blogger, as a video marketer, creating a video that addresses needs and concerns of your audience is equally important.

 Use YouTube to Connect with Viewers

Being a social platform, YouTube is a perfect satellite to link to your other links. You can back link to your website and to your other social media platforms. The video can also be used with a call to action at the end. It could tell viewers to either visit your website or contact you through email.

 Always Make Sure Your Videos Are Searchable

You can have plenty of videos on YouTube but they would be close to being useless if they are not searchable. To make your videos searchable, make sure you include some keywords in the video, use related keywords and always include a full description of your URL.

 Brand your YouTube channel

Branding your channel is also very important in your quest to becoming a better marketer. Just as the way people buy Twitter followers to increase their audience, branding your YouTube channel does the same thing. It makes the audience identify with your videos as a brand as opposed to them being posted by you.

 Brand all your videos

Having your logo appear in each video is also a good marketing strategy. Having a consistent voice and color schemes in all videos is also important.

Do not waste an opportunity to create a video

Creating a video on YouTube does not need to be a special occasion. Include how-to and training videos as well for your audience to enjoy.

Take advantage of paid ads

Bid on keywords and have your videos appear as search results that are sponsored. By doing this, you will have exposed your brand to users who come across the videos because of your advertising.

If you follow all the above tips, improving your YouTube marketing will not be a hard thing at all. Provided the videos are easy to find and compelling, you will definitely demolish all competition against your brand.

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