Three Steps to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Organization’s Visual Marketing

Are images becoming more important than words when it comes to marketing? The answer is probably not yet, but if Instagram and Pinterest are any indication, a picture may be worth much more than a good blog post. Perhaps it’s the pace of our culture or amazing need to multi-task our way through each day. Whatever the exact reason, it is a trend we will likely see continue into 2013 and a photo rich media will play an ever increasing role in how businesses reach their audience.

Did you know your business can increase the effectiveness of its visual marketing with just three steps?

1.)    Ensure the content is visually appealing to your target audience. As with blogging and email marketing, it’s crucial to know your target audience and what will hold their interest. Although it can take some time to hone your targeted visual marketing efforts, some basic knowledge about the interests of your target audience along with some research should allow your organization to develop some good material with which to begin experimenting. Of course, through the monitoring of reactions and actions taken by your followers, content can be honed until your organization is making its desired impact and driving the actions it wants with followers.  Further, remember in today’s age of information overload, it is important that your content be interesting and unique.  Unique and engaging content is also more likely to be shared by viewers.

2.)    Provide content which directs or elicits action. It’s one thing to provide content that your audience is interested in, but a far better one to drive your audience to take action. Often a key to getting your followers to take action is request that they do so. However, in order for requests to be effective they need to be clear, concise, and not take too much time to carry out. Also, it’s beneficial from time to time to offer an incentive to those followers who take the action you request.

3.)    Make your visual content searchable and easy to find. Using keywords and hashtags appropriately can help ensure those searching for your product, service, content, etc… can find it. Further, the repeated use of well chosen, researched, and industry related hashtags and keywords can help define your brand. Once you’ve defined your keywords, ensure anyone who posts for your organization consistently uses them.

If expanding your visual marketing presence seems like a daunting task, seek assistance from local internet marketing services. They can help ensure your organization isn’t missing out on an invaluable tool to connect with your customers in a way in which more and more of them are seeking. Continually focusing on the strategies your organization is using to connect with its customers can help foster loyalty and a positive impression.

[author ]Chris Marentis, founder of Surefire Social, leverages website development, search engine optimization and social media marketing to generate leads and grpw local businesses.[/author]

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