How to Measure Reseller Success

Choosing a reseller for your product is difficult enough, and determining whether or not reselling is working for you can be even tougher. The benefits of using a reseller may not be apparent at first, and they shouldn’t be measured based only on your monetary gains. Here are some extra questions to ask yourself in order to measure the effectiveness of your reseller.

Has brand awareness increased?

One benefit to using a reseller that should always be on your mind is brand awareness. If your reseller is prominently displaying information about your brand, as well as your products, they are doing their job. Resellers should promote your brand using their own marketing resources, but without straying from your brand’s specific message and image. A reseller is successful if they can effectively balance expanding your brand and keeping up to your standards and values.

Is your product reaching new markets?

Another plus side to hiring a reseller is the potential to tap into markets that you previously couldn’t access. With their own network of partners, resellers can both localize and expand the market for your product. Some resellers may have a presence in a very specific, localized region that you hadn’t marketed to before. On the other hand, partnering with a reseller can also internationalize a product if their network is large enough. If you feel like your reseller has put you in touch with a new and/or larger customer base, then you should consider your partner program a success.

Is it easy to communicate with your reseller?

Having a good working relationship with your reseller is important. Your reseller should be able to easily adapt to new business practices and any innovative marketing strategies you may suggest. As your vision of your brand moves forward, so should your reseller’s. Also, this almost goes without saying, but a reseller should always be reliable and consistent in marketing and supplying your product to the consumer. A reseller relationship will be much more effective for you if your reseller is open-minded, adaptable, and trustworthy.

Do you feel like more work is getting done without extra effort?

Selecting a reseller should improve your brand and/or product’s sales and marketing without including extra work on your part. Resellers should use their own marketing budget and tools, but for the benefit of your brand. So, having a reseller should be like having a new sales employee with a huge network, but you don’t have to go through an expensive hiring process.

Roger Wilson is an experienced business consultant with expertise in sales and marketing software.

[author ]Roger Wilson is an experienced business consultant with expertise in sales and marketing software.[/author]

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