How to Address Improvements in The Experience of Customers With Systems CRM

Reducing the number of customer complaints and increasing customer retention can be achieved with improved customer interactions, and this involves the whole company in a process of change.  An evolution in the way customers see their status as consumers means that CRM reform must be here to stay.

Customers now expect to know the range of what is available to them before they make a purchasing decision, rather than being presented with a solution they know better than to question.  They expect assistance with their queries promptly and efficiently, using the communication medium they favor, rather than having to opt for the channel presented by the company.  They require choice and negotiated compromise. Systems CRM can help facilitate this change of focus within a company, so that they are seen as accessible, willing to share and transparent, and that they value consumer choice.

Identifying areas for improvement within Systems CRM is the first step to achieving outstanding customer care, with respect to collection of data related to customers and identifying how consumer of the company and its employees really are.

The structure of the organization may need to be reformed and a strategy devised to address any issues with potentially antiquated ways of administrating customer service.  Better compliance and standardization of procedures may be a focus for the company going forward to ensure that the customer stays at the centre of the company’s trading ethos.

A means of assessing the current state of play is to use surveys, both of staff and of loyal customers who may have a number of issues they wish to air, potentially anonymously.  Systems CRM can be developed on the back of the important feedback received.  For example the survey may wish to look at:

  • How many respondents are aware of the company’s mission (is there a mission statement to start with?)
  • How many are happy with the way complaints have been resolved (or not resolved, as the case may be) to date, for example the timescales involved
  • How far employees and customers are satisfied with the overall organization of the company
  • What is their perception of the quality of service offered by the company in different areas
  • Any insights they can suggest into how to improve the customer experience in the future, for example with regard to ideas for the types of data which should be collected for Systems CRM purposes

If Systems CRM already exist it is worth considering a survey to assess how well procedures perform within the company and whether data collection and recording processes are as standardized as they could be across departments. Examining the role of each department one by one can throw up flaws and quirks which may not have been obvious during day-to-day operations and provide opportunities for improving the customer experience as a result.

As a result of surveys and other means of assessing the current level of customer experience, it is possible to write a report with recommendations for improved Systems CRM. These can run into a substantial list, but with potentially healthy outcomes for the company.

[author ]Daniel Petrov have a lot of experience with CRM systems (Sistemas CRM is the term in portuguese) he is working with some of the biggest companies in the branch and he is happy to share his experience.[/author]

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