How To Impress Your Guests With The Professional Collation Of Goodie Bags

By giving out goodie bags that are appropriate to everyone who attends, people will have a lasting memory of a lovely evening and an impressive company.

The items that you include in the goodie bags largely depends on your guests:

  • whether they are long-standing clients or customers who know you and your business well
  • whether your guests all know each other
  • if they are potential customers or clients that you want to impress

Fun goodie bag items

If your guests do not know each other, and you want them to relax and enjoy the evening, you need to ensure that there is a common point of interest or subject to talk about once they are seated at their tables.

There are bound to be some guests who do not want to be sociable and chat to their neighbour, and this can cause discomfort to others, leaving them with a bad impression of the evening and de-railing your event.

The answer to this dilemma is the collation of goodie bags that include fun and interesting items, that in addition to advertising your company, will provide a talking point and fun entertainment for all guests.

This is part of your event planning that you could outsource to a third-party provider, such as a professional logistics company. They can take the added stress of sourcing items and putting the bags together, off your shoulders. The collation of goodie bags can be a very time-consuming process, and one that will backfire if it is not completed with thought and efficiency.

A professional logistics firm

There are many advantages to using the services of a professional logistics firm for this task. They can provide:

  • dedicated storage facilities and manpower
  • in-depth knowledge and experience of your business sector
  • a cost-effective solution to a complex task
  • one point-of-contact to answer queries and act on any changes of plan

This will take pressure off you, and allow you to focus on your guests and other aspects of your event.

Goodie bag contents

If you need to ensure that your guests have something to talk about when they are seated at their tables, you could include fun, interactive items in the bags that will keep them amused, and create a relaxed atmosphere as they play with the gifts , solve puzzles, or try out the latest nifty little gadget.

By providing your guests with good-quality, fun and quirky goodie bags, you will create a buzz at your event that will keep people talking long after they have left. This, after all, is the whole purpose of hosting such an event, as it gets your company known in the local area and will bring in new business.

[author ]This article was written by logistics expert and online author, David Hamer.[/author]

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