Exhibition design embracing new forms of digital display

Looking at the latest design news, the Jewish Museum in New York recently opened its latest exhibition “Crossing Borders: manuscripts from the Bodleian Libraries” with a customized digital exhibition stand display. Instead of the traditional exhibition stand showcasing the fragile books in glass boxes, it commissioned a design consultancy company to create a bespoke digital application for tablet display. The bespoke exhibition stand design allowed for modular exhibition display with custom application.
The reasoning behind this choice of exhibition stand design was led by the challenge of finding a new form of making the entire collection accessible to public in a secure and attractive way whilst providing the visitor with a unique experience. The innovative stand design not only overcame spatial limitation but equally offered the opportunity to track and record the users interaction, thus providing the curatorial team with a new resource.
Incorporating digital forms into exhibition design taps on society’s current affinity with technology and digital forms of interaction. Exhibition design and display utilizing digital and interactive forms, not only considers the role of the audience but also can be regarded as an extension of space enriching the users’ experience within an exhibit.
Interactive exhibition design coupled with modular exhibition stands can be a cost effective way of displaying and relaying information to a wide audience. Exhibition designers, consultancy firms, exhibition stand builders and contractors are readily embracing this new trend within exhibition design. The applications are wide reaching and can be applied and incorporated to any size and scale of exhibition booth design. Affordable modular exhibition stands can easily be enriched with the use of digital displays whilst allowing for interactive communication with the visitor.
Crowded exhibition space often hinders a visitor to spend sufficient time at a display. Applications for smart phones coupled with smart codes can further overcome these limitations and extend the exhibition space. These offer great commercial application for companies at fairs and shows. An exhibition stand no longer has to be confined to the space it is allocated but can virtually continue on a visitor’s smart phone or tablet.
Exhibition contractors recently assembled the largest digital design exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum ‘Decode’ featuring leading digital and interactive pieces in art and design. Exhibition design news and exhibition designers proclaimed this exhibition as one of the most exciting and inspiring ones in the art world utilizing innovative stand design.

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This article was written by Sandy Miller, a fan of innovative exhibition design.


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