Recovering Your Site After Google’s Penguin Update

If you use search marketing, then maybe you have felt the tidal swell from Google’s Penguin updates passing by. And hopefully that’s all you felt but many sites were affecting to some extent. Not only that, but there’s a bit of negative SEO going around with competitors nuking each other. How you respond to all these events will make all the difference in the world. Those who are calm and rational will fare the best out of everyone. So here are three important strategies and techniques you can put to work to help with the Penguin updates from Google.

The Role Of Anchor Text

If you have been paying attention since the latest Google update, Penguin, then you should know that anchor text is hot on their radar. You can no longer use the same prized anchor text over and over. So what you have to do now is be very natural with anchor text. You can mention your brand name if you want but include other text with it. Unfortunately, you should never take your exact match keyword phrases and use them. If you do that, then you will raise some red flags with Google. Also, you risk having someone do some negative SEO against you and that will harm your rankings.

Long Tail Keywords – More Important Than You’d Think…

Here is some valuable research for you that you can immediately begin using. Almost half of searches performed are long tail phrases which will be at least four words. So mix it up and also don’t be afraid to include three words but never less than that. Another very interesting data point is over 60% of all search queries are not for exact match. That is pretty surprising unless you have done PPC in the past in which case you would have seen it. It’s a safe assumption that the use of exact match is not always the best choice. Also, you can really do a lot more with the long tail if you’re not afraid of them.

Pinterest Over Other Social Signals

If Pinterest is something that can fit with your marketing, then you definitely need to be there. There are many good tips with using that site and here is one of them. You know that Pinterest is all about images and graphics. You can make occasional use of the smaller graphics at Pinterest. Not too small but small enough so people will want to click on them. These graphics have to be very compelling and attract interest. But you want them smaller than what is on your main site. The desire to click through has to be rewarded with the much larger graphic on your site.

Final Thoughts…

Making your sites impervious to Google Penguin is not hard to do. You also know that you have no choice in the matter even if some sites were hurt and were apparently doing nothing wrong. That is just the way it is with Google’s updates. So go out and find out all that you can do because there’s really a whole lot more than the tips in this article.

[author ]Anwar is a freelancer and niche marketer who runs several blogs including an established Binoculars blog,check his latest post on Nikon Monarch 7 Review.[/author]

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