Customers Going Mobile – Small Business Trends

What is the coolest thing about an online business? If you ask me it’s the ability to reach a global audience from a small operation. That’s right, just about any mom-and-pop these days, with the right knowledge and skill could position themselves to reach a global audience. That’s billions of people who could potentially become customers.

In order to reach those people you need to know what the habits and behaviors are of potential customers. It’s simple really, potential clients search the web for businesses that are interested in. If potential customers are searching for a local business 97% say they search online first. Almost 70% of those who search online end up calling the businesses they find. This means your presence on the Internet must be a shining star to drive in potential customers.

The majority of users, and the current trends, are that most users of the Internet are going mobile. Mobile search is especially important when it comes to people finding businesses. Nobody has time to go home, hop on the computer, and search for businesses. Instead they whip out their smartphones and start searching for businesses both local and global.

Are you a small business owner? What’s your web presence look like? Have you made a concerted effort to reach mobile users? Does your website cater to those viewing it on a smartphone? These are all vital questions you must ask yourself in order to strategically place yourself and be competitive in the current market. If this doesn’t sound like you, you have got some homework to do.

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