The numbers behind Twitter {an infographic}

First it is important to rearrange your current Twitter community list prior to expanding your community to focus on the streams of conversations. An guideline on how to come up with lists and manage people is provided for by Twitter. You can do what you want when it comes to breaking up your Twitter community into lists. Create a list of people who tweet you within the neighborhood, customers or business in your industry. Check out how other businesses organize their lists before you complete yours.
You are allowed to create a private or public list with Twitter.
– Private lists: You are the only one who can access this list and know of its existence. You can add or remove followers from your private lists without anyone noticing. Many people include the people they frequently talk with on this list.
– Public lists: They are the most popular and advantageous ones. People in the public list can see and follow each other’s list. People want to be on the Twitter community list.
Create and organize the existing Twitter community list adding every new following to the relevant list using the list button. TweetDeck and HootSuite Twitter tools allow creation of separate columns for every list, making it easy to join and follow conversation streams.

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