Is Your Business Vulnerable Against Negative SEO? [infographic]

Regrettably, each company gains enemies over time. This could be a former employee that is upset with being fired, aggressive competitors, or dissatisfied customers. When they look for ways to take revenge, the possibilities are endless and a few of them can take place online. Using negative SEO (NSEO) methods, your ranking on search engines like Google can slip from the first page to the third page.

If you are worried about ending up in obscurity online, there are ways to counteract these unscrupulous acts. The approach that NSEO uses is to put your links in sketchy territory. This means that they are associated with webpages that the search engines deem lower value. The search engines start to see your keywords as spam and begin to treat you like an outsider. You can learn about these harsh realities due to this research.

For businesses online that want to offset and neutralize NSEO before it happens, there are solutions. You may want to avoid linkbuilding altogether, but if not make sure you place your links in areas of the Internet that drive business to your website and give search engines an idea that you and your keywords are in the right place online. This doesn’t mean every directory you can find, but rather only sites you, yourself, might use. It pays to be picky and discerning when examining potential links.

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