How To Improve Your Facebook Experience

Although it has been around for even longer, if you were to rewind to the Facebook of just three or four years ago then you would get a largely different facility. The fundamentals like private messages, birthdays, statuses and wall postings would still be there but back then it was not possible to do such things as liking or commenting on statuses. There have been plenty of tweaks for Facebook since and to get the best out of using it there are a few tips that can help.

Manage how you appear

When you are using Facebook or indeed any other social media outlet there is no doubt that how you come across to those who view you is of particular relevance. It is all about managing your online image and persona and there are so many smaller factors that come together to result in the overall end product in this respect. Maybe one of the less recognised elements is the tool that allows you to see how your profile appears to certain people. To manage this you just have to access the ‘privacy’ aspect of your account settings and look for the option that reads ‘view as’.

Filter your timeline

The simplest option to stop certain things that you do not want to see from appearing on your timeline is to delete the person as a friend or to ‘unlike’ a page so you no longer have to read the updates. There can be numerous reasons why you prefer to take a less ruthless approach though so if you just want to see less of the updates or to stop the statuses reaching your timeline altogether then you can manage this. While reading your timeline you can alter your options at the top by either blocking someone from coming up or deciding how frequently you want to read updates from certain people. This helps to streamline your timeline considerably.

Find a unique cover image

Traditionally, Facebook had a plain layout design to a large extent but in recent times they have introduced a cover image to go at the header of your profile, tucked in behind your key information. This came after the timeline became a staple part of profiles rather than the optional facility it had previously been. There are so many possibilities to display whichever aspects of your likes or personality you wish via your cover image and you can even find services that put together professionally personalised photos.

[author ]Article written by Alex Carter on behalf of Foob, the Facebook cover photo customiser –[/author]

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