Keyword determines the future of SEO

Keyword is the main role of the SEO process, this is the hub of the optimization blood circulation. Internet users use the keyword to reach their queries through your websites so if the keyword is not used in a diplomatic manner you will loose your demand in the galaxy of the world wide web. Choosing the right key word and placing it in the appropriate place can boost your number of viewers and sales.

However choosing the right keyword is a bit tricky method and also can be challenging. Many business owners messes up with this due to the inappropriate selection of keywords and use to lose their way. Getting away from all these miss reputation will clear your way throughout. Let us look at what the main keyword mistakes that we should keep our hand off.

Avoiding research: keyword research is one of the significant aspect that involves in selecting the appropriate keyword. Not conducting a proper research is the main blunder that many business holders entrust. There are plenty of keyword research tools which can make your job easier such as Wordtracker, keywordresearcher.

Disturbed Keyword Density: Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. According to the general rule keyword density should be maximum of 5% to make your content well optimized. Also high keyword density will result you with the spamming context as well as the typical of the reputation of your site.

Inappropriate keyword placement: there are few significant places that you should place the keyword in order to get effective results. First and last paragraph of the content, page title, meta descriptions,url are the key places that you should include the keyword.

Using single keywords: Using single keywords will be a huge downfall in generating traffic. On one hand there will be a huge competition. Using phrases as keyword is the best solution in this case.

Keyword is the essential element in building an unbelievable occurrence for your website. With the development of the modern technology and the competitive industry keeping the head up is not an easy task. Choose the right keyword will indeed take you a long ride now and for ever.

[author ] Ruby Branch is a professional blogger who loves writing. These days she’s writing about SEO and its services. [/author]

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