Comparison between Web Design and Web Development

Web design and Web development are two tools used in the field of website development. These two terms are used for the development and functioning of the websites. They have the different actions but they do work for the websites. If you want to design and develop a website then they are the one you can rely on.

Web Design: Web Designing is a tool which is responsible for the content and design of the website. The role of Web Designer is to design a web page and maintain the website and build it in such a way that it attracts the customers and produce lots of traffic. It uses different tools to design a web page with graphics, layout and various colourful frameworks. This also contains the logo design. If you want your business to be grown in media then you need to consult a web designer with good skills who can create finest web page for your business.

Web Development: Web Development is a tool which is responsible for developing web pages. The key role of the web developer is to maintain the functionality of the pages. It is so called as the back-end of the website. It is the intercept and the source of the page. There are lots of tools like CGI {Common Gateway Interface} and PHP {Personal Home Page or Hypertext PreProcessor} to develop the websites. It maintains all the functions and features of a website. The development also includes management and registration process of websites.

Affecting Factors:

  • The effecting factors for web design are, it uses different editing software’s for designing a web page whereas the web developers use .Net and different HTML tags for the development of web pages.
  • A Web designer has some extra skills like graphic design from which they can design creative web pages and is a good technique for marketing of the website whereas web developers have the skills in programming and tools which provide the solutions for developing a web page.
  • The tools and software’s used by web designers are Flash Player, Photoshop and Fireworks whereas the web developer’s uses the programming tools such as Ajax Javascript, ASP {Active Server Pages}, XML {Extensible Markup Language} and SQL {Simple Query Language}.
  • Web designers should also have a sound knowledge of Typography, Web Accessibility and Colour Theory whereas Web developers have the sound knowledge of development tools and they are also familiar with the HTML {Hyper Text Markup Language} and CSS {Cascading Style Sheets}.
  • Web design includes the graphics and visuals of the website such as images, colour, fonts, logos and so on… whereas the Web development include the creation and generation of the codes on websites such as backlinks and contact forms.
  • The Web designers will make the website much more attractive by adding the feel that It should stand different from other web pages with the elements like colour, style and text whereas Web developers do it smartly with the coding and programmes in the way to produce the traffic to the website.
  • Web designers will use their talent with creative skills using various software and tools such as Adobe Photoshop and flash player whereas web developers use their creative skills with the help of CSS, HTML .NET and JavaScript’s.
  • The designer designs the website in such a usability way that it can simply approach by the users by its graphics and colours. The developer develops it with all the information regarding the business or product.

Therefore the Web designers will concentrate on the looks and nature of the website whereas Web developers will concentrate about the functionality and usability of the website. You can create a website for your firm with the help of good web designers and developers.

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