Beating the Budget: Hosting an Inexpensive Office Christmas Party

Companies all have good and bad years. There are times of economic downturns as well as boom periods. Retrenchment and insolvency are too words that no employer or employee wish to speak or hear. Either way, staff need to be rewarded for their efforts. A festive office Christmas party is a sure fire way to boost moral no matter the state that the business is in. Here are a few tips on creating a great office party that will inject the spirit of Christmas into the masses, no matter your budget.

Money Matters

As with any business, before miscellaneous costs can be incurred employers need to assess how much and where they can assign their budget. Luckily, coming up with ideas for an office Christmas party isn’t too hard and can lead to a low cost, highly gratifying function.

Tough Times

Although money might be tight it’s still important to offer something to brighten the mood in the office, and an end of year Christmas party is sure to do just that. If employees have had to be retrenched due to downsizing necessities, then it would be in very poor taste to plan a large-scale celebration just afterwards. This already makes your job a bit easier as an employer.

Love Letters

It might help to send a personalised letter to each staff member just reiterating that it’s been a tough time with retrenchments etc. and go on to say how grateful you are for their commitment to the company, thereafter mentioning how you’ll be rewarding their work with a modest end of year function.


Firstly, involve the employees in devising a few ideas for the Christmas party, from games that the office could participate in to reasonably priced restaurants you could go to, to fancy dress themes, there are a number of variables you can throw into the mix.

In House

It’s obviously nice being wined and dined, but external venues can really squeeze the budget, so if the office has enough space for it, having a Christmas party at work can actually be quite enjoyable. Being at your workplace under completely different circumstances adds a new dynamic. Not only does this save overhead costs but also allows you to really customise what you can do for the party. A couple of suggestions are:

  1. Secret Santa – a very popular one that really runs itself with little to no cost to the company.
  2. Buffet – It might seem a bit much, but asking people to bring something small and tasty to the event will create a great diversity in foods and won’t break the bank for any parties. Plus you can always promise the employees that the saving to the company will allow them to buy a lot more beverages (soft or alcoholic) as well as provide adequate transport..

A great office Christmas party does not have to break the bank. It just takes a little bit of innovation as well as open focus on staff satisfaction.

[author ]Dave Peterson has been all over the world consulting with estate agents, looking to put business in prime real estate positions for companies to thrive. From looking for leeds office space to finding serviced offices in New York, Dave’s a frequent flyer of note.[/author]

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