3 Questions To Ask About Your Product

Do you want to be the leader in your line of business? If you want your customers to choose you over competitors then you need to know what potential customers want. You have to be able to think from the customers point of view and be able to answer questions that they may be thinking about consciously, or unconsciously. Have a story ready that is going to answer these questions and convince them that you can provide solutions to their problems. Below are three questions that are likely to be on the mind of potential customers and some tips for answering them.

Why do I need your product or service now?

You need first of all to have knowledge of your potential customers difficulties or problems.  Once you have identified their problems, next you must make them realise the need to solve these problems urgently. You need a story that does this and also then goes on to explain how you can fix their problem straight away. The story needs to include an explanation of why their problems need to be fixed immediately.

How is your solution different from others?

Even once you have convinced the customer that they have a problem that needs fixing right away, you still need to convince them that your business is the best for the job. They might be wanting to look into using other competitors for the job. To get them to stay with you then you need to have a story that convinces them that

– the problem that they have is a big problem

– they are going to need a new approach to solving this problem

– the competitors are only capable of solving outdated problems

– there are a few business requirements and capabilities that could solve these problems

– your business is the only one capable of providing exactly the products or services that are needed for a solution

How is This Going to improve my life?

Customers also need a story of how their life will be improved with your solutions. Do not just focus on the problems but let them know how much better their life will be once the solutions you are suggesting are in place. Paint a picture of the benefits that they are going to be noticing in a few weeks or months.

It is really important to think about these questions before seeing a potential customer. Even if they don’t ask these questions directly they are things that will definitely be on  a  customer’s mind. Make sure you have created a good story that answers this concern. That way you are likely to convince them to use your business and they will feel confident that you are right for them.

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