You Could Do A Lot Worse Than A Skoda

Skoda vehicles have been the butt of many a joke over the past number of years. Some of the most popular have included:

–          Do you have a wing mirror for a Skoda?… Okay, seems like a fair swap

–          What do you call a Skoda with a sun roof ?… A skip

–          Why did the Skoda cross the road?… It was supposed to be going along it but the steering failed

These jokes should give you some idea of the kind of light in which a Skoda has been seen by the consumer. Skoda vehicles were generally mocked and avoided and, for the most part, this was for very good reason. The vehicles could not stand up to either their competitors or the high expectations of consumers and let’s face it, when you are buying a car, you expect a little bit more than when you are buying a chocolate bar. For this reason (there were others, but this was the main and most fatal one) consumers would not only avoid Skoda vehicles, they would mock anyone who owned anything emblazoned with the Skoda emblem.

Obviously, this is not a very good position for a company trying to sell something. To not only have your products avoided, but to have your few loyal customers targeted as the butt of jokes purely because of your products is the stuff of nightmares for a brand. The team behind Skoda (especially VW, who took over Skoda) therefore decided to attempt to completely overhaul the much-maligned Skoda image.

VW’s arrival fixed concerns from a technological and engineering point of view, but this was a smaller problem than public perception. The next step was to relay this message – that Skodas were perfectly decent vehicles – to the hordes of potential car buyers and specifically to those who saw Skoda as being very much bottom of the pile in the automotive industry. Marketing directions such as the knowing “It’s a Skoda, honest” promotional campaign injected a bit of humour into the message as well reiterating the important underlying message that this version of Skoda bore no resemblance to the Skoda of days gone by.

Other promotional campaigns followed this and all combined to push Skoda’s stock to new levels, culminating in the brand being voted amongst the top car manufacturers around – something unthinkable years ago when jokes were being thrown around at Skoda’s expense.

You know, you could do a lot worse than a Skoda.

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