Five Things Every Office Needs

Running out of paper, toner or other essential office items can be a pain, delaying work unnecessary and decreasing the efficiency of your office significantly. In order to avoid such shortages impacting on the productivity of your office staff members, top up on office supplies regularly and ensure that nothing gets forgotten by keeping a list of what people need. Here are five office supplies that your office can’t do without.

1. Paper, Paper and More Paper

Paper is essential in every office, be it for printing, note-taking or drawing, so make sure that your office always has enough paper. Depending on the nature of the work in your office, various sizes of paper may need to be bought. Architects, for example, may need much larger paper for printing building plans.

2. Ink and Toner Cartridges

Most external office communications, proposals, letters and other important documents are printed nowadays and hundreds of pages are printed every day even in small offices, so keep a stock of ink cartridges for your office printers in order to avoid being stuck without ink when you need to print a proposal for a client or other important documents.

Offices with laser printers and photocopiers will need to keep a stock of toner cartridges as it is the toner that creates the text and images on documents printed using a laser printer or photocopier.

3. Pens and Pencils

In our increasingly digitalised world, many documents, memos and communications are created electronically on computers and smartphones, but people do still use pens, even if only to sign their name on the dotted line! It’s a good idea to have a good stock of pens and pencils as many employees will prefer to take notes or brainstorm on paper rather than on their computers.

4. Files and Folders

In order to promote organisation and order in your office, ensure that there are files and folders galore available for employees and encourage employees to use them. An organised office is an efficient office and the correct use of files and folders will go a long way towards encouraging and facilitating office efficiency.

5. The Little Things

Finally, don’t forget the little things! Staplers usually abound in offices, but what good is a stapler if you’re all out of staples? Another little thing that won’t go unappreciated is sticky notes – despite the proliferation of electronic reminders on computers and smartphones, people like to use good, old-fashioned, coloured sticky notes to remind themselves of tasks, deadlines and meetings.

A little thought spared for your office’s needs when ordering supplies will keep your colleagues happy and keep your office running smoothly.

[author ]This article was written by office administrator Cillian Tiernan, who keeps his office stocked up on cheap ink toners, paper, sticky notes and everything else his colleagues might need![/author]

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