6 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Ink Cartridges

Everyone will be familiar with those flashing warnings that your printer is low on ink. ‘Not again!’ you think, ‘I only bought those ink cartridges recently…’ Ink cartridges are expensive and if you haven’t taken care to change your settings and print economically, you could be wasting a fortune each year on new ink cartridges for your printer. Here are 6 tips on how you can get the most out of ink cartridges.

1. Font and Typeface

Firstly, change your default font to a small, compact font such as Calibri. You can save a surprising amount of ink by using a thinner font as every letter will need less ink and these ink savings add up! Likewise, avoid printing bold text if possible as it requires more ink than standard text.

2. Printing in ‘Greyscale’

Alter your default printing settings so that documents are automatically printed in ‘black and white’ or ‘greyscale’. Black text printed on the ‘colour’ setting will use up your coloured ink to create black, rather than simply using the black ink. As coloured ink is more expensive than black ink, changing your settings will save you money in the long run.

3. Proofreading

Proofread all documents thoroughly prior to printing to avoid having to reprint documents because of typos and other errors. A few minutes spent scanning a document before printing it will save you time and hassle reprinting as well as paper, ink and money, so those extra minutes will have been well spent!

4. Keep On Printing!

Whenever your printer is warning you that it’s low on ink, keep on printing until it’s clear from printed documents that the ink needs to be replaced. One study showed that when these messages pop up, ink cartridges have between 8% and 45% of their ink remaining, so you could be throwing away almost half of the ink in an ink cartridge each time you replace them.

5. Buy in Bulk

Ink cartridge suppliers often sell in bulk at discounted prices, so consider buying your ink in large amounts and stocking it in order to save money.

6. Splash Out on a Good Printer

When buying a printer, it’s often worth buying a more expensive one as cheap printers are often inexpensive because they go through costly ink cartridges quickly whereas more expensive printers will print to a higher standard and use ink more economically, meaning that shelling out a few extra euros in the beginning could save you money ultimately.

You shouldn’t be afraid of printing documents because of the risk of running out of ink and the price of ink cartridges. By taking a few of the ink-saving measures above, you’ll get more out of your ink cartridges and your printer and you’ll find yourself forking out less on your printer each year.

[author ]This article was written by Bobbi Lowell who buys cheap ink cartridges online for her home office.[/author]

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