Browser Usage – How They Stack Up?

Browsers come and go as we all know.  Remember Netscape back in 90′s I think it was?  Man it was awesome and then they tanked horribly.  Well, I thought Firefox was on top but was surprised to see Google Chrome making a huge leap beating out IE and Firefox is now third.

Personally, I use Chrome 80% of the time because I have so many plugins installed on Firefox which causes it to run noticeably slower.  Even though I have the fastest internet connection (Time Warner Cable Ultimate connects at 50 Mbps.)  Although they overcharged me for a year, got to love Time Warner Cable….lol.

I actually think Firefox will pass up IE once again, but only time will tell.  I think it is a much better browser.  What browser do you use?  Any projections for the near future, provided the world doesn’t end in 2012?

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