Here Are a Few Ways You Can Make Using a Notebook Planner Fun

At the start of each academic year, many schools provide their students with planners to help them stay organized throughout the year. These planning notebooks are essential to their learning, and they are used by a large number of teachers as a way to communicate with parents.

When children are forced to write information down in one location, they have something to show at home that will help parents keep students on task and better prepared for their academic career. Unfortunately, some students avoid using their organizational tools to their full capacity simply because they do not see the fun in it.

Here are a few ways you can make using a planning notebook more fun for your student and encourage them to use it every day.

  • Make it colorful.

Buying your child pens or highlighters in a variety of colors can make using the planner more fun and colorful. Children love using different colors, and by giving them the ability to color code, you will encourage them to track assignments, tests and homework in a way that they will actually enjoy.

  • Buy stickers.

Stickers symbolize fun and accomplishment. By using stickers to mark assignments as finished or to help remember important tasks, you can encourage students to do their best so that they receive a new sticker. This is an effective way to motivate younger students and use positive reinforcement when they do well. Over time, your student will fall into a habit of using their planner.

  • Surprise them.

Organizational tools should not be feared or dreaded. Instead, make it fun by giving your student a note of good luck on test day in their notebooks or a congratulations sticker on the week after a difficult test. When you use small surprises like this, you can make them look forward to flipping their planner open and help them to want to use it to its full capacity.

  • Cover photos.

Children love art projects. Make their planning notebook into an art project one weekend by allowing them to cover it in the stickers, paper or pictures of their choice. This way, they will love carrying it with them to school, and they will take pride in it. To get cover ideas or design your own online, visit websites, such as Meridian Planners, for example.

As your student begins the school year, make their planner an enjoyable back to school item by using these tips to encourage your student to use it and do their best.

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Written by Guest Contributor