Why Wear A Name Badge?

In today’s busy world, where we meet and work with a lot of different people, attend conferences, events and exhibitions, and move around a lot, you could easily be forgiven for forgetting the names of everyone you meet along the way.  Wearing a name badge, however, can help commit your name and identity to the memory of colleagues, future employers or potential business contacts.  Here are some very good reasons to wear a name badge.

Attending an event

If you’re attending a business-related event, such as a conference or exhibition, your name badge will help potential contacts identify who you are, and hopefully, remember you for future reference.  It’s an instant introduction in any networking circumstance, without having to resort to any ‘who are you then?’ type of questions.  It also looks professional and shows that you mean business.  It allows potential clients to engage in conversation with you, without the distraction of them thinking that they didn’t quite catch your name.

A branding opportunity

Wearing a name badge is also a great branding opportunity.  It gives you the chance to showcase your business logo, aside from just your name.  But follow a few simple guidelines to get it right.  Make sure the logo is clear, sharp, easy to read and is a high-quality copy of it.  Ensure it sits in proportion with your name, and choose the font and size carefully.  It should be big enough so people can read it, but not overbearing so it stands out like a sore thumb.

The wording

A name badge is just that, a badge with your name on.  You don’t need to include middle names, titles, letters or qualifications after your name, as it will defeat the purpose of the badge and people might not be able to read it or memorise it, if it contains too much superfluous details.

Having said that, it’s worth tailoring your name badge to the specific situation.  In very informal settings, where you’re not dependent on securing business connections, it might suffice just to have your first name on the badge.  In more formal settings, you might want your first and last name, and your job title, together with the business logo.

The shape

Traditionally, most name badges are rectangular in shape.  But if you want to stand out a little, then consider getting a name badge in a different shape.  A laser engraved name badge can be made into any shape, as it is cut by the laser beam, based on the artwork of the designer.  An unusual shape related to your business will arouse interest and could well be a talking point with potential clients!

Backings and frames

Make sure you get a good quality name badge with the right type of backing for you – whether that be clips, pins or magnets.  Choose one that you feel comfortable with.  Frames are plastic or metal holders of a name badge that provide an edging or frame for it.  It’s another way of enhancing the look of your name badge and making it stand out.

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