Training Your Staff for a New POS System

Point-of-sale (POS) systems are becoming the standard option for a number of businesses. By giving staff members a simple interface to work with, they ease the process of dealing with customers. Further, they allow staff members to handle unusual problems as they arise. For management, they make the process of managing inventory far easier, and their centralized nature can save a significant amount of time otherwise spent compiling manual analyses. However, it make take some time to train staff members to use these new systems. Here are a few tips for easing the training process.

– Try to get the staff excited
New POS systems often replace systems from the 1990s or even 1980s. While staff members may be satisfied with these systems, tout the benefits of the new system while explaining to them how it will make their jobs easier. Some staff members might not be easy to convince, so ensure them that they will eventually come to enjoy the upgraded system. It may help to run a demonstration showing some of the new features they could not use with the old system.

– Consider a paid training session
Instead of learning on the job, consider running a paid training session after the business has closed. Using visual tools, explain the basics of the system and let them try it out. Make this session fun; consider ordering pizza or taking them out for a bite to eat after training has ended. Even if they do not fully learn the system, a short introduction will help them adjust later.

– Give them time to learn
The human mind learns new information slowly, and it often takes some time before important ideas and concepts sink in. This occurs with training as well, so allow staff members to take their time learning these systems. Do not expect staff to learn everything at once, and demonstrate patience when they make mistakes. Over time, the system will become second nature, and there will come a time when the old system becomes a distant memory.

– Learn the system first
Staff members sometimes become frustrated when they feel as if they are being asked to perform certain tasks that their bosses are not required to learn. As a result, they may develop resentment if managers are not forced to learn the new system as well. Require everyone to learn the new system even if they will not use it on a day-to-day basis. In addition to demonstrating a team attitude, this will allow management to help staff members who are struggling.

– Make cheat sheets
While POS software often comes with great documentation, this documentation is general and covers the basic of the system. In specific environments, this documentation may be insufficient to relay important information. To help staff members adjust, it may be wise to give them cheat sheets showing them how to accomplish tasks specific to the specific business. These cheat sheets can help staff learn the important features while not having to worry about features they are unlikely to use.

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