Tips for Planning a B2B Marketing Campaign: The Essentials

If you are attempting to organise a Business to Business event you should always remember that the key to success lies in you having initiated a successful B2B marketing campaign. If you don’t already have a competent and effective writer on your team to hand over the constructing of the marketing literature to, you should look into getting hold of one. Try not to see it as an expensive financial outlay look at it as an investment into the future of your business, as they will be worth their weight in gold.

Marketing Ideas to Consider

  • Have an attention-grabbing header. Those generally focussed around financial gain such as: ‘Tips for getting rich fast!’ generally work well. It needs to be something short, snappy and attention grabbing.
  • Know your audience. The better you know your target audience the more you will be able to better personalise your marketing towards them. If you understand their needs and expectations, you could sell yourself as being the solution to their problems.
  • Try and avoid the oversell, overused hype that turns users off. You want to engage them not bombard them with headlines. Rather than sounding promotional you should sound like you have something important to share with them, vital information that they need. In essence make them feel as though they are going to benefit for what you have to tell them.
  • Ensure that there are no errors in information relating to the date, time and venue of your event as you could end up losing business because of it. Make sure that everything that is written in your promotional material is proofread before it is sent out.
  • Focus on promoting your event rather than the hard sell ‘we are the best’ propaganda. Highlight the benefits that they will receive from attending the event and any freebies that are on offer when they arrive.

Planned Promotions

In order for your event to be successful it needs to have been well promoted. Any promotional campaigns should be planned well in advance. Look to social media marketing and promotion and seek out someone who can advise you on social media marketing strategy. Look at newspaper advertising and the traditional media. They might not all reach your target demographic but it will certainly increase awareness about the event. Make sure that any advice that you takes comes from experienced professionals with a proven track record. You will be investing a fair amount of money on your promotional campaign and you want to be sure that it is going to be recouped through the business gained at your planned event.

Never assume that just because someone is offering something at a knock down price that it is going to do you any good. Look for a specialist that can prove their success by providing examples of customer feedback or reviews. Remember that you are hiring a specialist service in order to maximise on the turnaround from consumer interest into confirmed sales on the day.

This article has been written on behalf of Sure2Door. For more information about the services they provide, please visit their site.

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Written by Guest Contributor