The Importance of Impressing Clients When Taking Them about Town

If you have a job in which you must impress clients, meet them for lunches, drive them around or other such tasks, you will want to be sure you do so in style. Parts of this means making sure you have a good car, dress nice and act like a lady or gentleman when in their company. It is important not to talk too much yet to speak when it is appropriate to do so. Most business associates are not interested in hearing long stories about your personal life so keep a short and sweet and focus on the business at hand. Take your cues from your clients. If they do not seem talkative then you remain silent as well.

Dress Appropriately for the Occasion

One thing you never want to do is over or under dress when trying to impress clients. If you are picking them up for a golfing trip then do not show up dressed in a three-piece suit. On the contrary, if you are taking them into the office for a meeting, do not wear your golfing attire. You get the general idea.  The most important thing is that you show them you are not some poor sap trying to kiss up to them but that you have an air of dignity. Keep your composure and remain calm, cool, and collected. Be prepared for anything they may want to discuss or any questions they might have.

The Initial Impression Your Give Clients Will Be a Lasting One

As with anything else in life, the very first impression you make on a person will be the one they will remember forever. You cannot undo a fumble if it happens within the first ten minutes of meeting someone. If you make the fatal mistake of looking like a fool in front of your client, be prepared to always look that way to him or her. It is not fair but unfortunately, life is not always fair. For this reason make sure you are fully ready and rehearsed before you ever have your client get into your car.

The Car You Drive Matters

You would never think of driving a client around in a beat up piece of garbage would you? If you did that then you might as well just make him or her take the bus to the destination, than humiliate yourself. However, with the economy the way it is, luxury cars are not always an option, or are they? Just because you did not pay an arm and a leg for it, do not think for one minute it will not impress because it will. You will have every luxury a higher end car will have and then some. Not only that but your clients will be comfortable and you will make yourself look good by driving such a nice looking car. We think the price is right on the Suzuki Kizashi and that it is sleek and quite attractive as well.

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Written by Guest Contributor