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Do some of the emails get lost, when you send emails to business associates, customers, prospects or more? Do  you actually know how many emails get opened? Are you sure emails get to the actual recipients Inbox, or do they end up in the Spam folder?  These are all questions you may have when you send out a large number of emails, especially when these have to do with a special marketing campaign. If your asking yourself these questions, then your standard mail server application may not be meeting your current business needs. It may be time to start looking into a more robust email project management software program.

Your Email Frustration

Do you look on every email marketing task as a big chore? It may get to that point when you have lots of emails to send out (talking about thousands here). How do you know everybody got the email? Did any of them disappear? How can you tell if it got the message through effectively or not? These are all questions an email marketer or any one who deals with mass emails asks himself. For huge email tasks such as this, it’s best to use email software that can offer tools and features to answer these questions.

While standard email programs may work well for personal email or even small business email, issues start to arise when email campaigns are programmed for thousands of recipients. The biggest of these is not knowing whether recipients received the mail or if it got stuck in spam filters; other issues include disappearing emails or those that never got to their destinations and working with the uncertainty of whether these emails were opened or not.

The solution

Specialized email applications for businesses like those offered by professional offer secure email delivery and specialized statistic tools. This gives the business manager running the email campaign the security in knowing how many of the emails got delivered, whether there are lost emails and the number of recipients who actually opened the emails.

Professionals, offers reliable email management and delivery option. It also offers important tracking services, verification of receipt and monitoring services. All of these features are useful tools for email marketing campaign managers.

Aplication Features:

  • Easy installation – a process that only takes a couple of minutes and doesn’t take up alot of computer hard drive space.
  • 24 hour customer support – this company actually offers outstanding customer support that goes above and beyond.
  • Tracking tools – these allow you to monitor all email campaigns to see which are delivered and opened.
  • Tutorials – The company makes tutorials and guides available to help new users, especially those that are unfamiliar with email management, to learn how to use the program.

Bottom Line

As a business looking for  better email sending options, you really should consider as a reliable business email application; an excellent option for businesses that can’t afford to implement a specialized IT department to handle email delivery management. The program is easy to understand, offers fast analytical data and can be run from just about any computer.

Additionally, the price of such a valuable service is relatively inexpensive, with a campaign of a few thousand email deliveries costing about $10 per campaign. Compared to other SMTP mail server options, an easy application that does not take up much server or computer space, can be accessed from any location whether in the office or some other remote location – and best of all, offers the information you need to improve future email campaigns.

Thanks for reading this post on using mail server to increase your business needs. For more information be sure to check back later!

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