Google is revolutionizing the work place by turning it into a home away from home.


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From the outside, the Google Russia headquarters looks like any other business. But once you step through the front doors, that impression quickly changes to one of fun and freedom. The entire building has been set up with creative and unusual areas, allowing the employees to have as much fun and relaxation here as they do in their own homes.

Taking Care of Business

The entire building is filled with accommodations for those who work in the building, from sleeping couches to a mini pool table to an on site masseuse. The workers there are offered free meals and yoga classes if they are interested, in an effort to make sure those working there are taken care so they can take care of their business efficiently.

Google believes that providing a playful, creative work space for their employees allows the employees to be more comfortable, and in turn, productive. When designing the building, they asked their workers for as much input as they were willing to provide. The employees in turn poured their suggestions back, helping to create the environment in which they felt they could work as hard as possible. Google did everything in their power to provide. As an employer of record, Google makes sure that they do everything in their power to please and help those working for them.

Labor Psychology & Emotional Fulfillment

To make sure that those who are working for them are content, there are meetings held every two weeks which are open forum, allowing people to voice complaints or suggestions for improvements they think may help. The reason Google puts so much effort into pleasing their employees comes from much research on labor psychology and emotional fulfillment. Those who feel like they are given space to create and think openly tend to work and produce to fuller capabilities, putting more effort and work into their jobs.

Buisness Room Theme’s

The facility includes several other fun features for their employees to enjoy. Each of the 12 meeting rooms has a completely different theme to it, from Winnie the Pooh to 28 Parrots. Each room is appropriate to its theme, with wall decorations, carpets, and various toys scattered around. One of the cafes in the building is themed after a Russian fairy tale, to bring the local cultural feel to the building. A variety of video games are set up for employees to play on their breaks and around their shifts, and there is an on-site pool for those who wish to enjoy a swim.

Google continues to change and adapt their facility to suit those who are doing the work that allows the company to thrive so completely. Employee questionnaires, workshops, and other feedback activities are regularly held to keep the fun and productivity where everyone feels comfortable, an effort that seems to be paying off on a large scale for Google and its employees both.

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