Get A Better Idea Of How Your Workforce Views The Company

The gap between an organisation’s management and the rest of the staff can sometimes be wider than those running the business would like. This is just the natural way a hierarchy works, but if you can’t create unity in the situation with everyone working together for the good of the company, you are going to be in trouble.
Finding out what your staff really think about the way they are treated by the decision-makers is incredibly hard to gauge unless you can get your employees to be truly honest, with no means of being punished for their openness. The best way to achieve this is through an employee survey or other method of obtaining feedback.
This can often be anonymous so the individual worker can divulge their true thoughts about their job and also offer suggestions on how it can be improved – after all, this exercise is all in aid of making things work more efficiently and ensuring employees are happy with what they do as well as being productive in their role.
An employee survey can often highlight key areas where the company needs to improve and with the feedback gained can work towards implementing changes in a positive manner. Not only is this good for managers as they can understand what is and isn’t working in the organisation, but staff feel as if their views are being heard and that something is actually going to be done with the information provided.
It is important to act on the results in the right manner though. While some of the feedback will have been given in general terms, there may be confidential details disclosed that should be considered by the department in question.
The main goal of this research is to find out ways to maintain a happy and motivated workforce. By keeping staff involved, they feel they have an important part to play in how the firm is being run. They may be asking for more social events and home comforts to make the office more appealing to them, or they could feel undervalued in terms of pay and prospects for promotion – obviously the specific issues raised will vary from company to company. It is up to those organising the feedback received to relay the key points to management and ensure that positive action is taken to rectify the situation and make the business a better place in which to work. This can only serve to benefit the company in the long term.

[author ]John Branch is a specialist on staff feedback initiatives such as the employee attitude survey.[/author]

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