Facebook’s New Evil Plan to Grab New Users

It turns out that Facebook, through being considered the most visited social networking site ever, is still in need of new and new users. When you register on Facebook and make friends with the other users, get invitations to visit their Facebook like pages, get messages on your phone, it’s normal. But people who do not use Facebook and even have no idea about the networking site have recently got messages on their mobiles from the social networking site.

The text message informed that someone wants to connect on Facebook. There is something incomprehensible and mysterious. The question that worries is why people who do not use the networking site get messages on their mobile number. Where Facebook got the phone number of someone who has no deal with the networking site?  What is the aim of the social network that it motivates those whoever clicks on the link sent in the message to add the mobile phone number?

From Facebook’s this move we can come to conclusion that this is Facebook’s new strategy for promoting the social network and may be due to that foxy move they can appeal those interest who are not using the site and so that they will gain new users. But there is something uncertain about the matter. Where Facebook collected the mobile numbers from? There can be various versions, but after analyzing them we cross with a number of “BUT”s which makes us think that our version is not prudent. One of the versions is connected with Facebook Mobile app. You know that it has address book on your phone.

So the Facebook Mobile app might reveal the numbers of your mobile and suggest users to send friend requests to those mobile phone numbers who are not in the social networking site’s database. It can be just one of the hundreds of versions, so it is not 100 per cent precise. Anyway, let’s focus our attention on the social network’s required personal data when registering, from real name to phone number and e-mail address. What do you think is that long query for? Is it for your or the network’s safety and security?

Recently Facebook is full of statuses warning to remove all phone numbers from Facebook database and that can be the only way to prevent abuse. Users got into trouble when they found out that all phone numbers are published. Facebook spokesman, in order to make calm the worried users, appeared with response saying that it is not innovation that Facebook publishes the phone number: there has been a Contact list before which is now called Phonebook.

If you know the options well you would not get into panic. Just learn the options and there is no need to worry as your security on Facebook is in your hands.

[author ]Roman is a Social Media Marketing specialist who writes about online marketing, start ups and traveling. He runs a social media marketing company: Followershop. The mission of the company is to help businessmen, artists and marketers get Twitter followers.[/author]


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