A Guide to Creating Shareable Content to Boost Your Search Rankings: 3Simple Tips

It is confirmed that social media impacts search ranking. SEO experts are now looking more keenly at different strategies to maximize the impact of social media on SEO.

And content being shared via social media is emerging as a very strong social signal for SEO.

When you look at it logically, it makes sense. Only content that is relevant and adds value will get shared. No one wants to recommend low quality content to their friends. So more your content gets shared on social media, higher is its relevance and quality as perceived by Google, resulting in higher rankings.

And if you don’t believe so much in logic, here are some conclusive proofs. An experiment conducted by SEO firm Tasty Placements, showed clearly the impact of social shares (Facebook shares, Twitter tweets and Google +1s) in enhancing the search rankings. And an analysis of over 300,000 top ranking websites by SearchMetrics listed Facebook shares as the #1 factor that was common amongst all of them.

This post offers 3 simple tips to create sharable content

  1. Find the Right Content to Share

The key trick in getting your content to go viral is providing content that people want to share. Latch on to the current hot topic in the general media and give your unique twist to it. Sometime back, it was all about Kirsten Stewart having cheated on Robert Pattinson. Now that they are together, if newspapers write about the break-up, no one will even look at their content.

Likewise look at the current topics of interest in your industry and provide insightful analysis, predict trends etc on them. Here are some tips on finding the right content to share.

  1. Use Emotions

Make people connect to your content, whatever the topic. Humor, inspiration, motivation are all strong emotional cords your content should be able to touch.

When you write about the travails of dealing with your toddler’s tantrum in a humorous way, you can be sure that mothers across the world are smiling, nodding their heads and busy sharing it. Because believe it or not, two-year olds are the same, whether in the US, UK, India or Australia.

This is an interesting article on humor and sharing behavior.

  1. For Heaven’s Sake, Spell-check

Even the best content, if it contains spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, can create a negative impression. Make sure your copy is error free.

Here is the list of the top sharing platforms for August 2012 compiled by Shareaholic.

I would like to end with this article that attempts to unveil the psychology of online sharing, which is of relevance to all of us.

So what strategies do you use for creating sharable content? And do share this content if you found it of value.

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Written by Yasir Khan

Yasir Khan is a SEO Consultant, and Founder of Quantum SEO Labs. While not grappling with clients’ SEO strategies, Yasir is busy updating his blog.